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The Leverage of Intentional Boredom

Published 7 months ago • 2 min read

11. AUG. 2023

The Leverage of Intentional Boredom

A New Routine for Creativity and Growth.

Hey guys,

Last week, I shared a teaser into boredom. A feeling we try to avoid at all costs. But did you know that boredom, I mean purposeful boredom can actually be a weapon for your creativity?

This week, we will go a little further and explore ways to integrate boredom into your daily life.

Though it’s about boredom, trust me on this one. It will be exciting!

And hopefully will leave you with some food for thought.

Why It Matters

We live in a world filled with constant stimulation. From our screens, notifications, and busy schedules.

We can’t seem to catch a break.

Rarely do we actually allow ourselves a moment of true downtime—and I’ve to admit I’m bad at myself.

Here’s the thing with purposeful boredom—it isn’t our enemy, it’s a misunderstood friend.

It can fuel our creativity, lead us to unexpected connections, and enhance mindfulness.

This is not about being unproductive—far from it. It’s about freeing your mind to wander and find new paths.

How To Make It Your Ally

  1. Use Waiting Times: You know the urge to take your phone out while you’re waiting for a friend, in a queue, or on public transportation? Try in those moments to just be. Observe what’s around you. Let it wander, and see where it takes you. This one is a good exercise to try out if you’re not used to letting your mind drift off.
  2. Scheduled Boredom: This one is a bit different since you’re intentionally blocking time in your calendar. Personally, I haven’t done it yet, but I got excited to try it out after I read this article from Zat Ranan. I love the idea of blocking time for that without having any devices with you but a piece of paper and a pen.
  3. Mindful Boredom: These could be activities that allow you to be present without feeling the pressure of achievement. Watching the sunset, listening to the wind, or sitting in silence.

Challenge Yourself

“A boredom deficiency leads to escalation, not solutions.” Try to integrate boredom into your life—once a week—for a month. Note the changes in your thoughts, creativity, or general well-being.

One thing is for sure, I’m definitely trying this out!

I’ll share in the future what I’ve learned from it.

Thanks a lot for reading, as always.

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Until next time,

Stay inspired!


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